My belief is that yoga refreshes and enlivens both body and mind. By gifting ourselves the time to stop and live, breath by breath, we untether ourselves from our expectations and judgements and nurture a restful stillness

Aspire Yoga prioritises physical, emotional and mental wellbeing and empowering students to find, explore and embed their own practice into their daily lives with confidence and self-compassion. 

Yoga Academy Certified Teacher - BWY-Accredited Teacher


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3-MONTH TRIAL OF NEW Monthly Restorative Practice in Penn: Due to popular demand, I'm pleased to announce a 3mth trial period starting April 2019 whereby the first practice of each month in Penn is restorative. The reason for the trial period is to confirm that a) there is support for a routine monthly restorative practice and b) to check that this schedule works (most particularly coordinating with our ballroom-dancer-neighbours' quieter evenings!).  Due to the volume of equipment required to support a restorative practice comfortably and safely, these classes will be strictly limited to 8 students only and booking is absolutely essential.


Class start-times: In the interests of minimising disruption to all students who are already engaged with their practice, if you arrive to class and see a red hair-scrunchie on the door-handle please respect your fellow yogis and understand that the practice has already started and it is now too late to join the class. This request is not driven by any particular instance or student in recent times, only a mindful respect for all students. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated. 

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A big thank you from Mind: As a thank you for the funds raised from our charity yoga practice on Tuesday 9 January 2018, the lovely people at Mind have sent this certificate and this message:

"Just £8.00 can enable one of our trained members of staff to answer a call on our Mind Infoline. They provide essential information to anybody about mental health problems when it is needed most. The Mind Infoline is a lifeline to many. We really hope this allows you to see how special and important your support is [...] Once again, thank you so much for your support."

Thankyou again for your support of this charity, it was so wonderful to share the practice with you and set intentions for a bright 2018.