I’ve been following the weather developments and whilst snow in the area is looking a little less likely today, I’m conscious of the cold temperature and recurrent warnings about ice on the roads. After a lot of thought I’ve decided to cancel our Christmas Yoga Practice this evening rather than encourage folks to venture out in the dark. Please do alert anyone whom you think may have been planning to attend and who may not have received this message.

NEW YEAR PRACTICE (in lieu of our Christmas Practice)

Our Christmas Practice was going to be donation-based for the charity “Mind” – I don’t want to miss opportunity to support this fantastic charity and so in lieu of this evening’s class, I’d like to make our first class for 2018 (Tuesday 9 January 2018) donation-based for “Mind” and make it a special New Year’s Practice to welcome in 2018 and set our sankalpa (an intention formed by the heart and mind). If you know anyone who is thinking of starting a yoga practice then this class might be a good opportunity for them to join in as something of a “taster” session to see if they like it!