• Tylers Green Village Hall (Penn Room), Church Road, Penn
  • HP108LN

Venue: Tylers Green Village Hall Penn Room), Penn

Cost: £10 / £9 concession

Teacher: Rachel Kinniburgh

Spaces are limited to 8 students, booking essential

Class description: Our restorative practice involves only a handful of physical postures ("asana") - maybe as few as 4 - held for an extended period of time with the aid of props (e.g. blankets, cushions, blocks, straps). In this way, muscular effort is minimised and the body’s connective tissues are accessed, inviting ease and comfort at the deepest level. By its nature, a restorative practice is therefore introspective and meditative, teaching us to relinquish control and inviting us to explore our thoughts and emotions without judgement. It is one of the most helpful and healing experiences we can invite into our busy lives.