Hi yogis and yoginis, as you know, we start each class with a short quiet time, guided meditation or pranayama (breathing practice) in order to mentally “arrive” at our practice and transition from the day’s activities into a mindful yogic space.

I’m fully cognisant that sometimes for reasons beyond our control it’s a bit of a race against the clock to get to class on time, however I’m mindful of the importance of this starting relaxation for mental engagement with the practice and the subsequent opening movements to prepare the body for asana (physical postures). 

In the interests of minimising disruption to all students who are already engaged with their practice, if you arrive to class and see a red hair-scrunchie on the door-handle please respect your fellow yogis and understand that the practice has already started and it is now too late to join the class. This request is not driven by any particular instance or student in recent times, only a mindful respect for all students. Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated.