All students are kindly requested to complete the following questionnaire before attending classes with Aspire Yoga.

Why is this information collected and how is it used?

Aspire Yoga collects your information for the primary purpose of planning a safe practice that factors in any specific modifications or variations that particular medical conditions may require, and so that appropriate props are made available to students as required. Contact details are used for the sole purpose of advising of changes to class times/locations/class cancellations/contacting nominated "In case of emergency" individuals, and sharing the Aspire Yoga newsletter via email if students have specifically selected the option in the questionnaire to receive this. Aspire Yoga does not sell or share data with third parties and treats your data with the utmost care, taking all appropriate steps to protect it.

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Please provide details of your level of fitness and past yoga experience (if any)
If you have practised yoga before please indicate how long for and what style (if known). Please also provide details of any other exercise you regularly undertake (e.g. swimming, jogging, cycling etc).
Medical *
The following conditions require specific modifications to your yoga practice. Please tick if you have any of the following and provide details to the tutor:
Medical *
The following conditions may affect your practice and so provide useful information for your tutor.
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Additional information
Please provide any further information you think might be of relevance.
In case of emergency: Name *
In case of emergency: Name
Who to contact in case of an emergency
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