Class Prices

Mondays and Tuesdays group classes: Single class: £10 / Block of 6 classes: £50. Concessions available to OAPs | Full-time students | NHS | Emergency Services | Full-time teachers in mainstream education (Single class: £9 / Block of 6 classes: £45).

*All blocks of 6 classes are valid for 3-months from date of purchase.


Gift Vouchers are also available for these classes - the perfect gift for the aspiring yogi!

Tuesdays in Penn

Tuesdays in Penn

What happens in each class?

Within each class we practice a range of physical postures (“asana”) and breathing-practices (“pranayama”). Classes begin with a short quiet time to allow body and mind to mentally arrive, and end with a period of relaxation to allow ourselves to absorb the effects of our practice before we return to our daily lives. Learning the principles of alignment for different asana and using the breath to find steadiness (“sthira”) and comfort (“sukha”) in them, we coordinate breath and movement and safely transition between different physical postures. Throughout you will be introduced to some key philosophical principles out of which yoga has emerged. In order to minimise disruption to all students who are already engaged with their practice, if you do arrive to class and see a red hair-scrunchie on the door-handle please respect your fellow yogis and understand that the practice has already started and it is now too late to join the class.

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What level are the classes and are beginners welcome?

Classes are open to all levels. If you’ve never tried yoga before, or perhaps are returning to your practice after a period of absence or injury, or are a seasoned practitioner looking to work on the finer points of alignment – you are all welcome. Yoga is non-competitive and doesn’t care whether or not you can touch your toes, what matters most is that you come as you are and practice! The pace of each class allows time to experience each physical posture ("asana") and coordinate movements with our breath. Everything is explained and asana are modified or alternatives offered so that everyone can participate. 

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Can I just turn up on the day?

Spaces in each class are limited and so all classes operate on a booking system. If it is your first time to these classes please do get in contact - it is helpful to have a short introductory chat and completion of a joiner questionnaire is essential so that appropriate variations of, or modifications to, physical postures ("asana") can be planned to support a safe practice. Questionnaires are for the sole purpose of informing your yoga practice and are confidential and held securely in line with Data Protection legislation. Please see the "New Joiners" section.

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What should I wear?

Comfortable and fitted gym clothes are recommended (e.g. t-shirts, leggings, vest-tops). Each practice will end with a relaxation period of stillness and so you may wish to bring a jumper and socks, or a blanket, to keep yourself warm during this time. Please respect the yoga space when you enter the hall and leave your shoes at the entrance. All classes are practiced barefoot. You are also kindly asked to turn off all electronic devices.

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What should I bring with me?

You will need to bring your own yoga mat to each class. I have a limited amount of mats available to borrow however it really is worth the investment to have your own as you continue your practice. I will bring along a range of props (foam blocks, foam bricks, straps), all of which can support us in finding  comfort and stability in each physical posture ("asana"). As we move into the colder months of the year, I encourage you to bring along a blanket for extra warmth in your final relaxation.


What about injuries or medical conditions?

“Ahimsa”, meaning “non-harming”, is the highest principle in yogic philosophy and so it is essential that I am appraised of any injuries or pre-existing conditions as these may need to be managed sensitively within your practice. I ask all students to complete a joiner’s questionnaire so that I can consider any appropriate variations of, or modifications to, physical postures ("asana") so as to ensure that you find only comfort and stability in your practice. Questionnaires are confidential and held securely for the sole purpose of informing your yoga practice. Please take responsibility for your own safety in class and do not continue anything that causes you discomfort.


Can I attend if I am pregnant?

Please be aware that these classes are not designed for expectant mums and I strongly encourage you to consider joining a specialist pregnancy-yoga class where it is available. With physical postures ("asana") tailored to suit your growing baby and the changes taking place in your body, specialist pregnancy-yoga classes can also help build a social network with other expectant mums. This can be a network that continues to support you after your pregnancy and can, overall, help build a more positive pre and post-natal experience. A physical yoga practice in the first 14-weeks of pregnancy is not encouraged but may in some cases be pursued from 15-weeks up to 30-weeks. In all cases, expectant mums should consult a medical professional before committing to a practice.