Evette M, Maidenhead

Attending Rachel’s classes was my first introduction to yoga. I was put at ease immediately and didn’t know how much yoga would help me. The stress relief and relaxation is fantastic! Rachel is a fab teacher and assisted me if needed and let me know when I’m doing well. As I’ve progressed in her classes over the last year, Rachel has instinctively known that I can push a bit further in poses and allowed and encouraged me to follow that through with ease and without pressure. Thank you for helping me love it, I know that I can turn to yoga for relief and for fun as well. I can only highly recommend Rachel. Thank you. Namaste 🙏

Rachel is such a wonderful instructor. Having never done yoga before, she understood my limitations very well but carefully repositioned me when I didn't quite get it right. The practice was warm and inviting and I didn't feel nervous at all. Highly recommended!! ☆☆☆☆☆

Ruth V,  Edinburgh

Liam W, Guernsey

Rachel was my first yoga teacher, after attempting to learn through DVDs and online courses. As a bloke, I was nervous about going to a yoga class, but Rachel made me feel immediately at ease with her calm instructions and manner. As a class, we started simple, with sun salutations and stretching, but over the weeks we progressed to a level that I was quite proud of. I conquered new positions that I would never have attempted on my own. It is probably true that being fortunate enough to have a personal yoga instructor is a wonderful thing - however, I was very happy to be in a small class, as we all encouraged each other and gained from each other's questions and efforts, as Rachel intended. She managed to give us enough personal assistance while communicating to the whole group. She's a natural born teacher and creates a very lovely energy in her class. Thank you Rachel.

Marie H, Guernsey

I joined Rachel's class as a total beginner, with a poor level of fitness. Being nervous about joining a class as a larger woman, Rachel put me completely at ease. Rachel's class is a place of total acceptance, no pressure and no judgement. Rachel understands that everyone's body is different and everyone has different abilities. I came out of each and every class feeling refreshed, tranquil and grounded and enjoying the knowledge that my body is powerful and capable of so much. If you are nervous like I was, please do give the class a try, I hope you will find it as much of a revelation as I did.

Cathy R, Guernsey

I have attended Rachel's yoga classes for around a year. I had a fair amount of yoga experience and found that Rachel's classes have taken me back to the basics of yoga and made me reconsider the way I practiced. I have enhanced my understanding of yoga and enjoy the incorporation of some of the philosophical concepts. With Rachel's encouragement I have even started to enjoy chanting (something I had never really incorporated into my yoga before)! Rachel provides a relaxing environment with the right amount of gentle help and support to develop my practice.

Sue N, Guernsey

I loved Rachel's classes, which gave me a fantastic introduction to yoga. She is patient and caring and really wants everyone to have the best experience possible. I have an historic back injury so am always mindful of not overdoing it. Rachel helped me adapt poses to ensure that I did not injure myself and I can't thank her enough.  As my strength grew I became more confident to try all of the poses to some degree. The relaxation element of the sessions were wonderful and I left every week feeling both invigorated and relaxed. Highly recommended.

Deborah S, Guernsey

Rachel was a real inspiration for me, she is an excellent Yoga teacher and her relaxed style and dedication was exactly what I needed.  I had never done any Yoga before and when she left Guernsey I really missed her teachings.  She is very knowledgeable and works hard to make sure everyone in the class has the right position and are not doing anything that might cause harm or discomfort.  It was the most relaxing, reflective part of my week and I would Highly recommend her as a Yoga teacher.  The environment she creates is one of calm and tranquillity, whilst providing a safe and enjoyable experience